We are so privileged to be affiliated with Mich Nicholls as a Master of Martial arts let alone as a close friend. Justin started training with Mick as a child at 9 years old in Kempo Karate. Mick in anyone’s opinion is the Steve jobs (Apple co founder) of Martial Arts being well before his time in self defence.Introduction

Mick comes from an extensive traditional background in Martial Ats but could always see through the style into practicality of the street and applied it into his creation of UDC- DEFENTECH. In my honest opinion this system is bulletproof because of Micks EXTENSIVE street fighting experience after being a bouncer for many years in some of the most notorious clubs in Melbourne where his foundation of the system comes from. Knowing first hand what to expect and the key point being that all is unexpected and how to apply the physical and psychological methods (that i think is the most pivotal aspects of his method) being that most self defence systems let you down in the psychological criteria of their system.

mick nicholls

About Mick

Mick Nicholls began studying the Martial Arts in 1973. Before that he studied Boxing for about five years, having both amateur and professional bouts. Mick’s thirst for knowledge has always been a driving force in his training, often studying up to three different systems at the same time. He has trained in the Japanese, Okinawan, Korean, Brazilian, Thai, American, Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts systems, many of these being studied in their mother countries. Over the years he has travelled and trained in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK (London & Manchester), The Philippines, Canada and the USA (Los Angeles, Tacoma & Oregon). He has had the privilege of studying under some of the world’s elite and renowned Martial Arts masters.

Mick in action

Mick spent nine years working as a doorman (bouncer) in some of Melbourne’s roughest establishments from the mid 1970′s to the mid 1980′s. This hands on experience is what has influenced the arts that he teaches in as far as the techniques, training methods and application principles.

In 1979 Mick founded Freestyle Combat Karate Australia, a self-defence based system, with no focus on competition but concentrating on giving it’s members the tools to survive in today’s violent society. Freestyle Combat concentrates on giving real answers to real questions regarding street defence.

In 1997 Mick received the prestigious BLITZ Magazine Freestyle Instructor of the Year Award, an award given to Australia’s best instructors, he has also written several articles on modern street defence concepts, knife defence and practical training for the street, as well as psychology of confrontation for BLITZ over the years.

Mick has also had the privilege of attaining ranks under some of the worlds most renowned masters. He holds:

  • Guro – Kali – Magulang Na – Guro Dan Inosanto (USA)
  • Sifu – Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do) – Sifu Dan Inosanto (USA)
  • Associate Instructor – Renegade Jeet Kune Do – Datu Kelly Worden (USA)
  • Advanced Civilian Instructor – Tactical Krav Maga
  • Advanced Instructor – Worden Combative Arts – Datu Kelly Worden (USA)
  • Kru (Instructor) – Muay Thai – Master Toddy Thohsaphon Sitiwatjana (UK)
  • Kru (Instructor) – Muay Thai – Ajarn Surachai Sirisute (USA)
  • 4th Dan – San Chi Kai Karate – Mal Lomax
  • 3rd Dan – Shint Kwon Do Karate – Harry Hellings
  • 2nd Dan – Modern Arnis – Amando Soteco (Philippines)

Mick has also studied under Bobby Breen (UK), Larry Hartsell, James Keating, Eric Paulson (USA), Tony Blaurer (Canada), Master Lee Kam Wing (Hong Kong), Dave Hedgecock, Nino Pilla, John Will, John Donehue, and Roland Dantes (Australia).

Mick currently holds the rank of 8th Dan Black Belt in Freestyle Combat Australia. He has also studied Goju Karate, Shorin Ryu Karate, Shito Ryu Karate, Mugen Do, Zen Do Kai, Wing Chun, 7 Star Praying Mantis, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Docepares Escrima and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and has Level 2 Sports Martial Arts Coach credentials with the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Sessions and Seminars

Martial Mix hold seminars with Mick throughout the year in Micks self defence styles including knife defence and we offer private training in this style with both Mick and Justin by appointment.

you can also contact Mick or visit his website