Martial Mix Unified Martial Arts is a progressive self defence system based on principles from Martial Arts worldwide. Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Kali and Grappling are blended into one unique and effective Martial Art.


  • Improve self-confidence, empowering yourself to assertively deal with potential victimizers and stand up for your right to personal safety.
  • Enhanced personal awareness of violence and crime. Regular training keeps you sharp, greatly reducing the chance of you becoming a victim.
  • Improved lifetime self defence skills, which could one day save the life of you or your family.


Current Instructors:

Sensei Justin Ayer 4th Dan

Sempai Tina Ayer 1st Dan

Senior Black Belts

Congratulations to Nick Lukane for receiving his Senior Black Belt in Unified Martial Arts in 2008.

Junior Black Belts awarded in 2008

Congratulations Sammy, Kimba, Emma, Jarrod, Harry, George and Alexander (aka The Little Dragons) for receiving their Junior Black Belts after five hard years of training in Unified Martial Arts!