Head Trainer: Justin Ayer

Justin Head Trainer

Instagram handle: ayerjustin

Justin started in Martial Arts from age 9, first studying Kenpo Karate and becoming a Junior Black Belt. His first instructor was Mick Nichols who Justin believes is one of the best Combat martial artist in Australia. Justin still regularly trains with Mick and attends seminars in his own developed styles Defend tech which Justin has become an instructor in. Mick will always be a strong roll model to Justin and a mentor in the sport.

As soon as Justin was old enough he was overseas training and teaching in California, New Zealand, London and Thailand where he fought.

Although Justin’s passions had turned to styles like Muay Thai and Panantuken (Filipino Martial Arts) Justin continued his training with the study of Australian Combat Karate to become a Black Belt Instructor and is currently an instructor in Unified Martial Arts with a 4th Dan Black Belt ranking and is an advanced Instructor in Muay Thai Kickboxing which he has graded for in America and Australia.

Justin has spent the later years developing jiu-jitsu ground fighting and knife & weapon skills from Panantuken to be incorporated into the M2 Mixed Martial arts and M2 Blade and Street Defence. Justin is always on a search for better training and teaching methods, keeping up to date and watching every fighting event from Boxing to MMA to Thai. Fighting is Justin’s whole life and loves most taking the average Joe and turning them into something special in the ring.


Head Trainer Mt Martha: Tina Ayer

Since 2003 Tina has been dedicated 7 days a week to training and teaching all the styles offered at Martial Mix From Thai, Karate, Street Self defense and weapons. She started at the gym to get fit and lose a few kgs and fell in love with the sport quickly and spent every day dedicated to training and grading in the Muay Thai which she is now an elite instructor.

Tina Started in Combat Karate to develop a different range of skills and because she was so driven to learn everything about martial Arts. The Combat Karate focuses heavily on weapons were she became expert level in knife, Staff, Kali and specialised in samurai and is currently a 1st Dan black belt. She is also an Instructor in Mick Nicholls Defend-Tech Urban defense which is a street style of fighting and self defense.

Training with Justin gave Tina a vast appreciation for all types of practical street defensive martial arts, especially styles like Panantukan taught by Dan Inosanto who they have trained with in Melbourne and other great Martial artist in the sport Ron Baliki and Mick Nichols.

In 2007 Tina started her fight debut 4 months after having her first child Evander and alongside her fight training she manages the business, is a full time mum of two and also opened the second chapter to Martial Mix in Mt Martha. Tina is incredibly strong for her weight and a skilled smart fighter with natural fight brain for training fighters. She has an endless passion for the sport and thrives in the challenge after fighting herself to now train her own fighters from the home gym. Her dream is to be as good as her biggest role model and mentor in the sport, her husband and head trainer Justin.


Ross Doig

Ross has been with Martial Mix since 2009 and he is one of those Martial Artists that come along every blue moon that has exceptional skills in teaching in all forms. Ross is known by his circuit’s and Muay Thai training and is exceptional in his own training. We are lucky to have him in the crew and grateful our members can benefit from his style of expertise.