Not everyone wants to do Martial Arts which is why we offer dozens of other methods of getting cut and strong in Personal Training. We apply Plyometric, Free weights, Cross fit, and many of our own developed exercises and drills using some of our own custom made equipment. You will burn fat, get stronger than ever and most importantly your guaranteed not to get bored. We are athletes not just trainers so we need to stay motivated too, we practice what we teach and want you to make it fun for you, but hard at the same time because after all training should be a lifestyle not a fad. Personal Training, like its title is totally individual to your needs, so no matter what fitness, lifestyle, injury you are carrying or circumstance we can get you to where you have to go.


Body Ripped Personal Training – weight loss program, before and after photo’s

Martial Mix have a unique weight loss program that you can choose to do in the Personal Training sessions, that we have used for nearly a decade, our program includes:

  • our book ‘Body Ripped by Martial Mix’
  • diet analyses
  • 7 day support and advise
  • training program
  • body measurement and body fat % tracking

The core principle of the program is to educate you on nutrition and the science of the body and how it responds to different diet and exercise. People who lose weight with guilt being the driving motivation never last; When you refuse bad food choices because you know how your body responds to it you are creating long lasting lifestyle patterns and combined with the training, people’s motivation is driven through the addiction to how good your body looks and feels.

No two people can have the exact same program because of different dietary requirements, level of daily activity, illness or pre-existing injury’s etc. Because we can alter the program around your life we always get results and help you avoid the chance of failure.


Dylan before



Dylan after!


Amy before


Amy After!


Nat before

Nat after


Tina Ayer before picture

Tina before

Tina after October 2010

Elite Circuit Sessions

The Elite Circuit Personal Training sessions are for the professional athlete who is looking for a truly grueling yet inspiring way to elevate their fitness and strength even further. Our trainers have built a program that is so specific to the individual they are only available during private sessions and include diet and supplement plans. This program also benefits the moderate athlete who wants to promote their fitness status to pro and while it is the Mt Everest of training sessions the pains definitely achieve the gains.

Shredded Sessions

The Shredded sessions are more like a program for those who regularly train with a personal trainer or gym and are not getting the results they want, or are getting results in the wrong areas. Losing weight can be so easy but when you have a bad trainer or your not sure how to do it yourself it is incredibly hard! Weight loss is a combination of Diet, supplementation and exercise and you will be put on a plan that is for you and will 100% work.

Fighting Focused

Our before and after shots are taken of people who train in every different way at the gym fight, personal training, classes it all gets results because we have the people that will give you the support and guidance that get real results.Fighting Focused sessions are for people who love training in Muay Thai Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts and want to greatly improve the skills they are learning in classes or if you cant make class times. If you want to get rid of some bad habits, need some extra help with technique or would like to pursue getting in the ring then this one on one time will push you much further to that goal as 1 session of one on one time equals about 4 of the group classes.

Justin (Head Trainer) $80 per hour

Assistant Trainers $70 per Hour

NEW 1/2 hour Express sessions $35