My name is Daniel Smyrk. I am a carpenter by trade but also a professional boxer, mma fighter and Muay Thai World Champion. I have been to Thailand many times and met many amazing people but none more so than this family of Muay Thai champions.

Mawin Ormeekun is 13 years old, has multiple championship titles and is at the very top of the 31kg division in Thailand at present.

Petjeeja Ormeekun is 12 years old and has made a name for herself on the internet as “the most badass little girl in the world” for her incredible skill, strength and stamina in the ring, almost flawless fight record and multiple championship titles. Amazing achievements for any fighter but what makes hers even more impressive is the fact that she has had the majority of her fights against boys.


The two champions are trained and managed by their father Sungwian and their mother Tawan so it is a completely family owned and independently operated gym. They graciously invited me to train with them recently and blew me away with their work ethic in the gym and the techniques they were teaching me but unfortunately, they have fallen on hard times and are about to lose their gym due to an unscrupulous landlords greed and the powers that be in the Muay Thai world in Thailand trying to prevent Petjeeja from competing on the big promotions in Bangkok due to the fact that she is female. They are an incredibly kind and generous family who also take in and train the local kids free of charge despite the fact that they are so poor that they sleep underneath the very same ring they spend countless hours training in.

I would dearly love to help them out and ideally, raise enough money to build them a new gym of their very own with separate living quarters where the kids can train and the parents can raise their family. I can take care of the construction side of things but any help financially would be greatly appreciated by me and more than words could ever say by them. If you or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring them or contributing some money to this cause(of which 100% of goes towards building them a new gym/home), please donate and share this message so we can keep this family off the streets and these two little superstars in the ring where they belong.


Below is a link to our fundraising page for anyone interested in joining our cause and donating to this incredible family.

Thank you.

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