Muay Thai Kickboxing Justin Ayer style…

Justin’s style of Muay Thai has been developed and modified from his extensive personal fighting experience, and from the teachings he has been inspired by his whole career from Mick Nicholls a celebrated Melbourne Martial Artist.

Mick Nicholls is a Martial Artist warrior and not for his amazing and exceptional skill but his hardness of mental attitude, knowledge of fight psychology and 360 degree understanding of fight science and how the body responds.

Justin has taken his teachings and attitude on to his own school and fighters. One of the principle teachings of Mick Nicholls is that there is always something that you can take out or put into a style to make it more efficient which is the motivation behind Mick starting his own style of street self defense ‘Defend tech’ and Justin pursued that in Muay Thai Kick boxing to make his fighters as successful as possible.

Justin’s style of Thai Boxing is not ‘pure’ in any sense. It has changed and been built layer by layer in the past decade from his fights and watching his own fighters. The past 5 years he prefers a European Dutch style of fighting as a spectator and trainer with its strong hands and guard accompanied by varied combinations of kicks and knees and elbows.

All Muay Thai classes follow the same format whether your interest is in fighting, getting fit, or just a hobby. Martial Mix doesn’t teach skipping, or long warm ups but Thai Pad drills from start to finish and if your not fit, your encouraged to go your own pace and have fun!

Nathan Carnage Corbett & Justin Ayer

Nathan Carnage Corbett & Justin Ayer

Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett and Martial Mix

Its no surprise that Martial Mix has been a dedicated fan club to ‘Carnage’ for over a decade but aside from being a long distance cheer club from Melbourne he is a very good friend also.

Beyond Nathans outstanding accomplishments in the sport as an 8 time World Champion in Muay Thai Kickboxing he is a willing mentor to even beginners by helping and sparring everyone in the gym on top of the grueling training schedule Justin puts him through everyday. Martial Mix couldn’t be prouder to have Nathan with us when he is away from Urban Fight Gym with his trainer Richard Walsh and while every gym in world would love to have him in their gym he chose Justin, which is no surprise to us of course.