Muay Thai Kickboxing

Kids Muay Thai involves hitting Thai pads, holding Thai pads for others which is the best thing you can do for coordination and memory. The skills they learn are through using elbows, knees, hands and feet and is put together with pad drills and leads to sparring when they are skilled and confident enough. These classes push the kids physically and teach them early to dig deep during the fitness drills, teach themselves early what they are capable of and lead to happy confident people later in life.

kids_Training_2018Kids Training  Kids training Muay Thai


Unified Martial Arts

Unified Martial Arts is a broad range of skills they learn in weapons, sparring, all the traditional techniques and they graduate through belts while learning the discipline and respect that comes with the style. Kids enjoy this style because there is so much to learn they never get bored with it.

Many Parents send their kids to martial Art schools and expect that they are learning how to defend themselves when in reality many Martial Art Schools are just another after school activity they participate in. Justin is a 4th Dan in Freestyle karate and teaches practical skills to the kids that they can use in reality. Justin wont teach kids to hold their hands at waist height and block kicks with their forearms but skills he teaches the fighters or students coming for real self Defense. We have had Kids training since day 1 at Martial Mix and they love it so much because its an extremely fun sport that teaches them great lessons at the same time.

Kids training Unified ArtsKids training Unified Arts

Fee Structure

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing 1-3 classes per week $225 per TERM
Unified Martial Arts (Little Dragons) 1-3 classes per week $225 per TERM
Train in both styles in unlimited classes for $275 per TERM