Anyone who has had the pleasure to train with or by Justin knows how talented and scarily cleaver he is as a Martial artists. So the excitement after the announcement of his comeback fight had Martial Mixers fist pumping around Melbourne.

Justin initially had a fight booked 2011 when he injured his knee in training and ended up needing a full knee reconstruction with torn ACL and torn meniscus plus a fractured bone. So in true Justin style he pushed recovery and came back stronger faster and fitter and re-booked the fight for November 23rd 2012.

So that brings us back to the fight which was 11 weeks of hard training and running a business at the same time but with the huge support of everyone at the gym with special mentions going to Yodgee, Dan, Carnage, Darko, Ross, Amy and Nat. Honestly the help you guys gave Justin was what got him over the line and wont be forgotten.

Justin Fought a tough fighter Phil Larkin who was an Ultimate boy once but now resides in New Zealand but Justin tore up his legs with devastating leg kicks and i swear you could hear Phil’s leg scream from the corner no exaggeration…and finished Phil off at the start of the second round by leg stoppage.

There were close to 300 Justin (Kraken) fans there including our good mates Darren and Caley Reece from Riddlers Gym in Perth and our brother from another mother Nathan Carnage flew to Melbourne to support.

Watch the video here if you were unlucky enough to miss it. Justin Ayer Comeback Fight

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